How to buy Levitra in South Africa

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Levitra is a drug used for male impotence and erectile dysfunction. It is a muscle relaxer that targets specific parts of the male body allowing for enhanced blood flow. Alcohol, like many other drugs, will increase the chance of side effects, specifically dizziness and flushing. It is intended to be taken 20 mins to an hour before sexual intercourse as needed, or once daily to be specified by a medical professional.

Buy Levitra in South Africa


Typical dosages range from 10 mg to 20 mg and side effects include headache, flushing, stuffy/runny nose, and dizziness. It can also cause impaired vision. There are no side effects for missing a dose, as the drug is used as need. Overdose, however, is possible and should be taken into consideration when taking more than one dose a day. To minimize the chance of reactions, you should be aware that existing conditions such as heart conditions and blood pressure related conditions can cause unwanted effects. Certain drugs treating heart or blood pressure conditions can also react negatively with Levitra and should be avoided. Existing conditions with your optic nerves in your eyes can also cause adverse reactions to your vision. Levitra was approved by the FDA in 2003 and is part of the drug family PDE5 inhibitors. Its generic name is vardenafil HCI. It can cause passing side effects such as sudden drop in blood pressure leading to fainting. Lower dosages can be prescribed to reduce the occurrence or effects of temporary side effects. Full information about both side effects and interactions with other medications are readily available online, with the manufactures website being easily navigated and user friendly.

Levitra in South Africa
In South Africa, Levitra and it’s generic counterparts are sold over the counter, and are not controlled in any fashion. The prices range from $70 to $90 dollars a pill, depending on the retailer. Some online retailers allow for international shipping, often times the cost of shipping being free. Though it should be noted and warned that ordering such a product from, say, the U.S. will result in your order being seized by customs as such drugs are still controlled substances in many countries. You will encounter warning from many retailers stating that they are not held accountable for shipping mishaps when being delivered outside the country of shipping. Many online retailers offer discounts for larger quantities of pills ordered. Medical insurance coverage cannot be used when ordering online, unless they are specifically licensed to do so. Because of its listing as over the counter medication in South Africa it would appear that insurance aid is minimal on such sites and in order to use medical insurance a medical professional should be consulted. First hand accounts still highly recommend obtaining a prescription, even though it is readily available to the public. Warnings include degraded or outdated products, as well as decreased drug effectiveness. Some accounts even claim they were delivered different medications entirely labeled as Levitra. Before making a decision on how to obtain Levitra it is highly recommended to do your own research on the various risk vs reward options between shipping and prescription.

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