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For those not affected by erectile dysfunction it can be hard to imagine or really understand what those affected really have the misfortune of dealing with. Nobody really thinks about it as a possible aspect of their future usually. With most people we know not really being understanding of the issue it can be seen as somewhat of a sensitive subject and perhaps not easily spoken about. Some feel shame due to it or feel as if they are lacking as a man. This is very unfortunate and comes with a whole slew of issues such as added stress and reduced sexual desire. Fortunately there is no need to suffer in silence or feel in any way responsible for erectile dysfunction.

Thanks to medical advancements Viagra is a viable source of relief from the symptoms.

Viagra is a medication intended to treat erectile dysfunction by working to restore blood flow to its natural state. By doing this Viagra also works to positively affect your mood and feelings towards sexual interactions as they no longer contribute the same worries and stress associated with the inability to perform. Certainly anyone affected by erectile dysfunction would find a sense of relief in the comfort of knowing that they are once again able to perform as they once could. Some go so far as to compare it to feeling young again with the increase in vigor and responsiveness. Viagra comes in a pill form as most would be accustomed to. With this it requires changes in the prescription to easily make alterations of dosages, which would be made in conjunction with your doctor based on how Viagra is performing for you personally. Often times most will find success in the standard starter dosage of 50mg, though depending on a variety of factors such as age and general physical condition this may need to be altered.

Viagra is known to provide about a four hour window of effectiveness when it is used alongside some sexual stimulation.

This allows you to work into the mood rather than simply trying to jam it all in quickly due to worry of losing the erection. All in all Viagra leads to a more satisfying sexual experience for both yourself and the partner. One thing to consider is the availability of online pharmacies these days willing to ship your medication right to your door, saving you the hassles of waiting for prescriptions to be filled at a traditional pharmacy.

As with any medication it is important to keep the possibility of side effects in ones mind:

– typically these will be light and include run of the mill things such as headache, though due to the way it works Viagra can aggravate certain things such as conditions of the heart. It is for that reason that it is important to provide accurate information to your doctor in terms of any possible current medications as well as a family history of certain conditions.

Your doctor will then of course make a decision based on what they feel to be the best course of action for you as an individual. Consider approaching your doctor about Viagra for use in treating erectile dysfunction.


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